Girls just wanna have fun…

If I had to describe myself as a song title, one of the most apt would be ‘Girls just wanna have fun!’ by the iconic 80’s singer, Cyndi Lauper…

In fact, I’m sure that many of you could have this as your song title too?

I look back on my late teenage years and early twenties, when I was living it up in bars and clubs, having studied textile design at Nottingham Trent University. Apart from not managing to cope with the late nights like I used to and indeed the alcohol consumption, I want to have as much fun now as I did then!

I found this phrase on Pinterest recently and it certainly resonates with me! If you’re feeling happy, you glow…

Having recently discovered snapchat, I seem to be a bit addicted to it! Each morning, as well as checking in on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, I now have to check to see what’s new on snapchat…

Now I thought snapchat was just a means of sending free photos of yourself to others, little did I know that it was so, so much more!

From horsey faces to girls with pigtails, if you haven’t yet discovered it, you seriously need to!

Doesn’t every girl want big round eyes?

Or cartoon bow and ears!

Taking snapchat photos has become my guilty pleasure!

And it doesn’t have to be single selfies – many snapchat filters are for two people, perfect for friends or an agreeable husband!

We failed miserably at trying to get our doggy tongues to appear together… this was the best we could do, but oh did we laugh!

Serious bunnies?

A sleepy teddy?

These candid photos are brilliant for scrapbooking, especially if you struggle to use ‘random’ ephemera!

Equally fun photos can be impulsive rather than candid – what could be better than taking in the great British wet weather?

Or sitting on a plane with your besties, waiting to fly to Paris… What do you do? Sit there board, or take silly photos?

At the end of the day, we all ‘just wanna have fun!’

So if ‘Girls just wanna have fun!’ isn’t the song title which best describes you, what would be your song title?