May retreat update…

Plans are well underway for the May retreat, our first Birds of a Feather retreat with our guest teacher Wilna Furstenburg and we simply cannot wait…

Like most things, not everything always runs as smoothly as we’d like!

Take for instance our group ‘jumping’ photo taken at our November workshop…

It took a few attempts to get a photo of us all in the air at the same time!

“One, two, three jump” was said on more than one occasion!

It’s fabulous to look at photos such as these and recall the wonderful memories that they evoke.

And whilst we are responsible for everything that we are in control of, albeit jumping in unison, we have been forced to make a major decision and change venues for our May 2017 retreat.

The Bromsgrove Hotel and Spa has double booked the room we had reserved and whilst they have offered us an alternative room, we simply didn’t feel it was up to the standard that we want for our fellow birdies!

The new venue is The Village Hotel, Tempus Drive, Walsall. WS2 8TJ which is located at junction 10 of the M6 and is the same venue that we are using for our Paige workshop in March.

They say that things happen for a reason and in all honesty, we actually feel that the Bromsgrove hotel has done us a favour as we are much, much happier with The Village Hotel! It is a much more modern venue and so much more convenient to get to!

For those coffee lovers who need their daily fixes, you can even treat yourself to a Starbucks as there is one located in the foyer of the hotel!

So onwards and upwards and to making many, many more memories…

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