Getting some creative ‘me time’

Hi everyone, hope all is well, but boy has the weather changed over the past few days. As I sit here typing this post it’s going dark and it’s only mid afternoon, definitely not what I expected at the end of June.

But no matter what the weather, there is always time to be creative, whether it’s going on Pinterest for a while, I won’t say short while, because if you are anything like me I can get lost on there for an hour or more.  Then there is checking out blogs or even watching some youtube videos – we all can make that little bit of ‘me time’ to find our own creativeness.

So I want to share my recent ‘creative – me time’  with some of the girls from the Hey Little Magpie team.  We hired a cottage and went on a mini-break – it wasn’t a weekend as a few of us were there for 5 days, and yes that included me – lol x.

Even though the team talk regularly on line, it’s really good to spend time with them, and see how they design a layout, put a mini book together, and get some little tips that can make all the difference to your own personal designs.

So after spending 5 days away there is only one layout I can share, which I will at the end of this post.  I spent most of my time catching up with my DT assignments, which will take me though to August, so I will be able to share them over the coming weeks.

It was good just to relax and scrap or not if I didn’t want to, but also good to be around the team and bounce ideas off each other.

Here are a few snaps from our mini-break… apologies for a photo heavy post!

It was lovely and peaceful to wake up to this view every morning.

A creative mess or just a mess?… either way I love this sight.

The team working away…

We had a few drinks available…

As well as some yummy food over the weekend, one evening we had a Thai Take-away…

and sat watching crafting on the TV channel… as we are mainly scrapbookers it wasn’t what we wanted to see, but it was crafting so we kept watching it…  We seriously need a scrapbooking channel …

Sam made this White Chocolate cheesecake…

We had post Saturday Afternoon Tea!

and the weather picked up enough so we were able to sit outside to eat…

Then of course time for silly photos …

We watched a few DVD in the evenings … (photos taken from Jo Boland IG Feed)

Our last full day together was Sunday, and Julie made a fabulous Sunday Roast …

and then a few girls had to leave so we had a final group shot, well, when I say final, it took a while to get us all focused, but I love this one

And the layout that I can share, using Cocoa Vanilla – You Rock Collection and a cameo die cut from Paper Issues.

A few close ups.

My final photo is another one I took from Jo Boland IG feed and love it, as it sums up my post and what the mini break was, a place to create …

So I will sign off now, and wish you all a creative day, week, weekend whatever you choose it to be, enjoy and happy scrapping.

Jackie xxx

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  1. It was a truly fabulous weekend. It’s always lovely to spend time with you ladies and craft together, chat together, eat and drink together and laugh together. xxx

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